Physiotherapy can help people affected by injury, illness or disability through manual therapy, movement and exercise, education and advice.

Bláithín is the lead Physiotherapist here at Old Bawn Clinic in Dublin and has extensive experience in private practice. She will provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment programme that takes into account your current capacity, lifestyle, any sporting activities and your goals for rehabilitation. Every treatment is specific to the patient and the patient’s goals which will be discussed at the initial consultation.
She specialises in the treatment of sports and musculoskeletal injuries such as: Low Back Pain, Neck pain, ligament tears, muscle tears, joint problems, radiculopathy, discal pathologies, arthritic pain, hip and shoulder impingement, fractures and dislocations.

She uses many different treatment techniques such as dry needling, manual therapy, manipulation and mobilisation, soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, neurological facilitation techniques and specific exercise program and flexibility prescription. Bláithín treats many many clints who are competing ain sports at various levels and believes it is imperative to have an exercise program tailored to each individual athlete that is specific to their injury and their sport as research has shown that this can accelerate rehabilitation and prevent recurrance of injuries.