Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy
This website uses cookies to enhance the user experience and to help you get the best information out of this website.


 What are Cookies?
Cookies are files that are stored on a computer as requested by our server to assist with information and ease of use when using our website. Cookies remember the activity used on a website for future use – for example if a website remembers your login details, this is a cookie at work and is to help you and save you time. Two main types of cookies exist: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are erased when you close your internet browser whereas persistent cookies remain on a computer until they are either deleted or reach their date of expiry.


What do they do?
Cookies simply remember information and store it until it is needed again to enhance the user experience online. They are files of information that utilise the relevant information contained within them to deliver content specific to the user’s online browsing habits and website usage and perceived interests also obtained through online browsing habits and website usage.


 How do I remove them?
Cookies and cookie settings can be blocked/changed/limited/viewed through internet browser settings (i.e. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox). Each respective internet browser should include settings that address and deal with internet cookies. For more information on how to alter your cookie settings in any way, it is recommended that you contact your chosen internet browser via an official channel. Please note that removing and/or blocking cookies can cause some websites to not function on your browser.